Thursday, September 14, 2006

On God and grief

Brooke has taken the time to post this excerpt from "Tracks of a Fellow Struggler" by John Claypool. It's worth a read for anyone struggling with the question of faith and resignation.

My favorite part...
"It is not rebelliousness, then, but faith that keeps me from finding any promise down the road of unquestioning resignation. This approach is closer to pagan Stoicism than Christian humility. I have no choice but to submit to this event of death. Still, the questions remain, and I believe I will honor God by continuing to ask and seek and knock rather than resigning myself like a leaf or a rock."

Thank you Brooke!

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Misty said...

Kate, I could have written that. I'm going to RCIA classes right now, and I am staying for one to two hours afterwards seeking answers for questions I am told I should just have faith in. God gave me this brain for a reason, he gave me my questions to be a part of my journey. Faith is something that is defined by me and my God. You cannot define it for me. And you cannot use it to silence me. I do not NEED answers to believe in God. I believe without them. But I will NEVER stop asking the questions. I don't believe he'd want me to.