Friday, September 01, 2006

more customer service stories from the front lines

Have you ever used online customer support and gotten the distinct impression that the customer service representative has no clue what's going on? I give you this example from experience with Takeshia

Takeshia: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. How may I help you today?

You: My husband and I are on AMERICA'S CHOICE II FAMILY SHAREPLAN PRIMARY 500 ANYTIME $50.00 0205. He upgraded his phone today and agreed to a two year contract. I also would like to upgrade my phone (I am eligible for the new every two). Will any of this phone upgrading (agreeing to two year contracts) affect our plan?

Takeshia: I'd be happy to help you with that.

Takeshia: Only the primary line is eligible for the new every two discount.

You: Right...but he upgraded his online with an online discount.

Takeshia: If you log into my account select the upgrade my phone link at the bottom of the page, enter your number that you would like to upgrade, you will be informed what you are eligible for.

You: I know what I am eligible for. What I asked is if we both upgrade, and both agree to a 2-year contract, will that change our plan at all, or will we still be on the AMERICA'S CHOICE II FAMILY SHAREPLAN PRIMARY 500 ANYTIME $50.00 0205???

Takeshia: Your plan will be changed, because that plan is no longer offered.

You: what will it be changed to?

Takeshia: Please hold on while I check that information.

Takeshia: It will be your choice, but we have a plan that is 700min, for $ 69.99.

You: Is that the least expensive plan you have?

Takeshia: Yes, that is the least expensive share plan that we have.

You: will the switch take place automatically?

Takeshia: Yes, when you are going through the ordering process you will be informed that your plan is no longer available and you will be given a selection to choose from.

You: well...I just did the changes and it comes up as 2-year contract renewal...with no changes

You: thanks for your help anyway

Takeshia: Unfortunately, In this department I do not have access to your account information, but I can give you the number to customer care to verify your calling plan.

Takeshia: 1-800-922-0204

(long pause)

Takeshia: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

You: no thanks

Takeshia: Thank you for using our live chat service. We value your suggestions and would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to complete a brief survey. The survey will appear when you click the "Close" button in the chat window.


vixanne wigg said...

Someone on customer support yesterday refused to acknowledge that my zip code exists. I mean, seriously. It wasn't in the computer. I started to say...come's in know...but then I had a sneaking feeling that I was talking to someone in India. I almost asked, but I thought it would be rude.

Julie said...

Gawd, I HATE when they read from those "scripts" and don't really have a clue how to offer help in any way. Takes me back to the days of AOL, and then I just get a big old headache and an urgent need for carbs.