Sunday, September 17, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to insanity

I'm sick. Achy, stuffy, feverish, vomiting snot, sore throat, lungs on fire.

I've got my period. Day one and you'd think I was bleeding to death. Cramps to add to the fun physical disaster I have become.

Our only toilet won't flush. The plumber would cost $500 because it's Sunday. We don't have $500 just because it's Sunday. Steve took the toilet apart and snaked it...used an air blaster...ran water through the vent to clean it out...still nothing.

I can't stop crying.

I can't turn it off. What I should be doing right now. The baby boy I should be loving.

Instead, I'm going to have to pee and vomit into a bucket...and I can't stop crying.

Maybe this will be funny in a couple of days.

But somehow, I just don't think so.


Sweet Coalminer said...

Oh my. This is when I would abuse prescription drugs and wake up tomorrow. I'm sorry Catherine. That so totally sucks.

It's got to be bottoming out. Really. It's going to turn up now.

delphi said...

Lots of love, Catherine.

Sarah said...

That sucks, Kate. I hope tomorrow is better. It has to be...right?

kate said...

(((((((hugs))))))) I hope the sickness goes away soon.

And i wish we lived closer -- you could have called my dh to look at the toilet. Not that he is any better than your dh at fixing things, but they could have stood over it and cursed at it together. THAT might have a chance at being funny.

Julie said...

Oh my. I hope you start feeling better soon, at both ends. And I'm so sick of plumbing woes; something so simple becomes more frustrating than complex electronics. Hope you can sit on the throne real soon.

Sarah said...

Oh no! I don't think this will be funny in a few days! I hope you're feeling better soon (and have a functioning bathroom).