Friday, August 11, 2006

Fair Etiquette

I spent my lunch hour walking over to the county fair. It took me the entire hour despite being a mere two blocks from work because of this dang ankle. But the lure of grease-laden munchies beckoned and I have resisted all week, so I felt it was time.

I spent a good portion of the time walking and talking with a woman who has never had a corn dog. I personally can't believe that such a life exists. Where would I be without corn dogs? My...what a different life that would be.

So B mentioned that she might be pizza for lunch. Pizza! At a fair! Again, I was flabbergasted. It was clear that some education was in order. There will be, henceforth, the following rules about the fair culinary experience...

You may indulge in any of the following:
~anything on a stick
~anything deep fried
~anything made with local ingredients and sold by 4Hers
~anything made of or covered in sugar
~anything served in a bucket

Other tips:
~once you go to sugar, do not go back to grease
~walk slowly so as not to upset your stomach
~stay out of the cow barn immediately before and after eating


Sarah said...

"stay out of the cow barn"

That's funny stuff! I never get food at the fair. I'm too dang cheap. Nothing beats a good ole funnel cake though. Ummmm...

chaos_girl said...

Great advice! Although pizza sounds good at the moment!

Heather said...

So, I should not have eaten my deep fried peppermint patty in the cow barn last night (No, I am not kidding)?