Thursday, July 20, 2006

She did not just say that

I dribbled two small spots of stromboli grease on the front of the lilac silk blouse I'm wearing today. I went to the bathroom/kitchenette area down the hall to wash it off with some paper towel and dishwashing soap (the magic cure for getting out grease I'm told).

I was laughing about it with the woman who has an office right off that area, "Of course, now I'll have a soapy left boob all day."

She laughed and said, "They'll all just think you're leaking."

Why doesn't she just grab an office-approved plastic knife and stab me through the heart with it?!?!

The grease better come out of my blouse.


Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Holy moly, talk about opening your mouth and shoving your foot out your ass!


One Mother's Journey said...

Ack! I'm sure she just opened her mouth and it flew out...she probably feels like a complete moron. I feel like a moron for her.

PS. For some reason, every time I try to type moron, I type mormon. I'm sure she doesn't feel like a mormon. heh.

Heather said...


kate said...

Duuuuh....oh! ugh, some people.

Lisa P. said...

OMG!! She did NOT just say that.

Why does the rest of the world have to be so freakin' oblivious all of the time?? :(