Friday, July 21, 2006

The pediatrician survived

I forgot to tell you that I did not confront the pediatrician. But only because I was trying not to laugh in his face. He was so clueless about life things that truly matter...while being dead serious about the importance of wearing a helmet while biking and getting Sam into swim lessons before he's five years old. I'm not kidding. I almost laughed right in his face. I think I may have even snorted a time or two in an effort to disguise my amusement. And Sam didn't help me much when he looked at the Dr. and said, "You've gotta be kidding me." bwa ha ha ha...out of the mouths of babes.

But the doc's good with Sam and he does a good job with Sam's physical healthcare...taking care of his breathing issues and his infant heart murmur well above the standard of care. So we'll keep him. We just won't ask him for any mental health or emotional wellbeing advice about our child. Because apparently once we start dealing with the brain, this doctor is no good.

So the stats...

Sam weighs 42 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall. 90th percentile for weight and just above 50th percentile for height. Poor kid is going to take after his short fat mommy instead of his tall skinny daddy.

He had his eyes checked and he doesn't seem to need glasses yet. Though I am a bit concerned that the nurse conducting the test let him call a "house" shape a "triangle." Now I know the roof is triangular, but the entire shape itself is not a triangle. And she was so concerned that he identify the apple shape correctly. This bothers me for some reason...

Sam hasn't been to the doctor in a year! The doctor looks at us and says, "Has he really been this healthy?" And it dawned on me...yeah...he has! So much for the theory that stress makes you sick. It apparently works opposite for Samuel.

We had the doctor look at Sam's toe too. Don't know that I mentioned this before. While at my aunt's house for my grandma's funeral, Sam dropped Toby the Tram Engine, a beloved Thomas the Tank Engine train, on his big toe while standing on ceramic tile. The result was instantaneous smashed and blue (I have pictures, but I won't subject you to that grossness). Good news is the doctor doesn't think he'll lose the toenail. yay!

So that's the munchkin's update.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear Sam is very healthy! And I really love his comment to the doctor. :)

And at least knowing the the doc isn't the one to turn to for mental health means you won't be in a situation where he can actually do harm. It sounds like otherwise he's been helpful (even just for providing some laughs!)

Misty said...

Sounds like another happy, healthy Junatic! I'm glad he's doing so well, and wish I could claim the same 12 month health status for Abby :lol. I love his dry wit, too. Looks like something else he got from his mom ;)

There are those doctors that you wish you could press the fast forward button on, aren't there? I had one that told me if I just exercised a little, I could lose the "excess" weight. And one who lectured me on what I should try for high fevers (after I had told her that Abby gets them about once every six months, so we are SOOOOO well informed on how to deal with them).

Anyway, can you tell I've missed you? :lol It's amazing how the world goes on, and even thrives, without us. Kind of humbling, but so sweet to emerge and not find everything destroyed because of our neglect.

Love you woman!