Monday, July 31, 2006

The other room

The one conversation we have tactfully tiptoed around is the inevitable one about what to do with "the other room." The plan calls for a three bedroom, three bath home. We will have our 'domain' with our master bath (and our jacuzzi tub). Sam will have his own bedroom (tastefully decorated with all things Thomas the Tank Engine and talking Cars).

We call the other room..."the other room."

It's no longer "the baby's room," since there is no baby to occupy it. The baby's room is going to be wiped away with the demolition of the existing roof and second floor. All that empty space filled with empty hopes and dreams will finally be gone. No...not really gone...since that space will actually be absorbed into the area of 'our domain.' That is poetic somehow, though I can't quite find the appropriate words to describe or explain it.

We are still planning on 'that other room,' because it will increase the value of our house (and is required by the bank). We can't quite bring ourselves to call it 'the spare bedroom' just yet. And calling it "the baby's room" just seems too sad. It's there on paper and it will become a reality and we both know it's coming....that moment when we'll decide what to call it...what to do with it. But we can't say it out loud...not yet.

The plan is to give Sam the queen mattress on a platform bed in his room. He doesn't sleep in the toddler bed anyway, so we might as well rid ourselves of that fabulous knee-bashing obstacle. We are definitely practical and thrilled with all things cost-effective, so this is a grand plan. But that leaves that other room without any furniture. Another big empty room. What color will we paint it? What will we put in it?

I suppose we'll get there eventually. But for now it's just 'the other room.' We're not going to talk about it. That's just the way we have to do it.

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