Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's working...for the most part

The distraction of the home improvement is working. We had the appraisal done this morning. Very weird...he barely seemed to look at the house at all. I had read all this stuff about cleaning and staging your house to look its best (kind of along the lines of that "Sell This House" show on TV). He walked in, made idle chit chat, asked two questions, looked in the basement, looked at our barns, and left! Weird.

But the distraction isn't perfect. In order to redo the second floor, we're going to have to clean out the current upstairs. We're going to have to take the crib apart and store it. We're going to have to find a place to store all that baby stuff that we haven't been able to deal with since last May. We don't have to make decisions right now, but there is a very loud voice in my head that says to just get rid of it all. It's over. It's foolish not to admit that.

And of course, there are the trips out of the house to face the world. The very pregnant woman in Walmart. The layout of Toys R Us that forces us to walk past the baby section in order to get to the Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

Back to my house...and my distraction...

My two guys have finally set up their basketball hoop and they're to take some pictures...