Friday, July 28, 2006

I LOVE the Garden Center at WalMart

I just got back from the WalMart Garden Center Clearance sale. I spent only $24 on...

Two purple coneflower pots (with several plants in each...they just need separated)

One coreopsis (I think I got pink)

Three more asiatic reds

Two salvia

One white balloon flower

One pink balloon flower

I also stopped in the parking lot to pull out (steal) something purple. I'm sure it's just a weed, but it is really pretty and appears to spread rather prolifically. So I took two...we'll see what happens. (I had to plant them right away since they didn't come in pots...I'll get a picture when there's enough light tomorrow).

And I still have the gift certificate for mail order flowers that my June friends sent me. My flower gardens are taking shape.

Now I just have to get my ass out in the veggie garden for some major renovations (of the garden AND my ass).

And I need to figure out what that purple tree is so I can hunt one down and plant it before the summer gets away from me.


kate said...

is your white balloon flower a double? I want one too!!

One Mother's Journey said...

Whenever you feel your ready for another garden to tackle... I'll send you directions to my house.

lauralu said...

let me clarify - did you actually dig up and remove from the wal-mart parking lot landscaping some plants the store had planted there? did i understand that correctly? if so, i'd like to say you're my f-ing hero.

Catherine said...

No digging...just...ummm...uprooting. And I'm not so sure they planted them...I suspect they were part of a neighbors garden at one point...and they have since multiplied uncontrolled by anyone...spilling over onto WalMart property. So it's not like anybody will miss a few little plants. :o)