Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thank you!

Cynthia...your care package arrived today. I cried...I was hoping for some tuna fish. :o)

Did you KNOW that all the dishes in this house are dirty? And I am apparently the only one able to operate a dishwasher? Methinks you might have some understanding of this phenomenon. hmmm?

And candy...I am a sucker for refined sugar of any kind. Thank you so much! Now I can't wait to get out in the garden and use my new gloves. First, I must convince Steve to give me a pedicure. He's currently in the doghouse, so maybe I'll offer this as a way to get out. lol

And the butterfly is already on my fridge. I will think of you everytime I open it (which is far too often). You are so kind, I can't thank you enough for everything. The support and love you have shown me are truly appreciated.

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Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

How sweet! And you got fuzzy socks - feet always feel better with fuzzy socks :)