Sunday, June 04, 2006

Miscellaneous flowers

Flowering Almond
Bleeding Heart
Roses from Judy

Finally got the upper hand on the tall grass and have returned some semblance of normalcy to my flower gardens planted in honor of Baby Alex.

OK...blogger is putting a limit on I've put a Flickr badge on my sidebar so you can link to see my gardening and flower pictures if you like. :o)


miraclebaby said...

Makes me want to lay out in the sun and drink in the smell of flowers and trees!

Tendersoul said...

I so admire your green thumb. My mom has one, too. I did not get that gene. I am convinced that the ability to garden, and so beautifully at that, comes from deep within. I'm too shallow, I guess. I should work on that and maybe my flower gardens would flourish, too.

kate said...

Well, i looked through all 536 of your photos and i really enjoyed it! I am impressed by the lack of weeds in your gardens, you should see mine, sigh...i should probably go to bed now....