Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mindless blog fun A-Z

accent: Northeast Ohio...we talk too fast
booze: right now...Zombie. generally...wine
chore I hate: cleaning the cat boxes is pretty close with taking out the trash
dogs/cats: both...five dogs, one foster dog, three cats, two horses, and seven fish
essential electronics: I love my DVR! I need my cell phone (cause I don't have a home phone). Must have a hairdryer. And the princess likes her air conditioning (though I think that's more of an appliance than an electronic). And where would I be without my computer with wireless...gotta blog.
favorite perfume/cologne: lilac essential oil
gold/silver: both...can't have too much jewelry (I think I was a crow in a past life)
hometown: a small town in Northeast Ohio
insomnia: only when pregnant
job title: Assistant Prosecutor, Civil Division
kids: Samuel, age 4
living arrangements: farmhouse built in 1840, added on in 1920 and summer of 2006.
most admired trait: not sure. honesty? ability to do well in a crisis? insanity?
number of sexual partners: one
overnight hospital stays: three...the births of my children. oops...four...I don't know how I could forget that one night when Sam was kept for uncontrollable vomitting and dehydration when he was about 6-8 weeks old...the longest night of my life.
phobia: Thantophobia- Fear of death or dying.
quotes: "bite me"
religion: baptized Catholic. confirmed Methodist. currently lost.
siblings: One younger brother and one younger sister.
time I usually wake up: 6:15am
unusual talent: mind control (bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa)
vegetables I refuse to eat: peas and lima beans
worst habit: sarcasm used to keep people at a distance
x-rays: dental, though not in a loooong time. sinus, when I was a child. my right ankle and foot, two weeks ago.
yummy foods I make: macaroni and cheese, pizza, triple chocolate brownies. (oh heck, I just realized that's all junk food.)
zodiac sign: aquarius


kate said...

You don't like peas???

Holley said...

Mind control! I love your evil laugh!

Catherine said...

I like sugar/snap peas...no other.