Dear Travis

Five months I carried you.

One month I have missed you.

Forever I will love you.



kate said…
Thinking of Travis and of you today. ((((((hugs))))))

I finished his flower yesterday, i will try to get it in the mail in the next few days.
R said…
I wonder if you can see the earth
the way it was meant to be seen -
no tears,
only happiness.
cerulean blue mixed with loamy green.

I wonder if you can see the love the way it was meant to be seen - your mama,
holding steady to the daylight that filters through the shadows.
the daylight that pierces the shadows when she thinks of holding you again.

I wonder.
Diana said…
thinking of you and Travis today.
deadbabymama said…
Thinking of you today, and dreamed about you guys last night.
Emma's Mum said…
I am thinking of you and Travis today. I wish so much that you could be holding him today. Milestones are so difficult. You are such a loving and caring mom, and I believe Travis feels that....peace and good thoughts to you.
Trish said…
Grieving with you for the loss of Travis.
It's a loss to all of us, the world.
My heart is with you. It is incomprehensible.
Julie said…
Windfall Woman said…
Bless all of your hearts.
Hedda said…
He is watching you and always will.
Dolores said…
We love you! Thinking of you and your family today>. All my love.

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