Saturday, May 20, 2006

More thank you's

Vixanne ~ Thank you for the donation to Best Friends Animal Society in Travis' name. You made me smile with your thoughtfulness.

Melanie ~ Thank you for the gift basket. I loved the bear...Sam, however, said, "No more bears." lol (And I will confess, the chocolates didn't last a day)
And thank you for the donation in Travis' name to Save the Children. A living tribute...I like that.

Kathi ~ Thank you for naming stars after our two babies. For those who are can find them just inside the constellation Hercules.

Catherine ~ Thank you for the bracelet and the candies. Sam gives the candies a "pretty good" and Steve keeps sneaking them when he thinks I'm not looking (I let him). The bracelet is beautiful and I smile when I wear it.

Cynthia ~ Thank you for your kindness. I wish I had half your faith.

Kelley ~ I don't know if you read this or not anymore...but thank you for the calla lily. Calla lilies are my favorite...I just hope I can keep it alive.

I love you all. And I wish I could take the time to thank everyone who has sent a kind word via comment here, email, or snail mail. But I simply cannot keep track of all the love and kindness that everyone has shown us. Please know that we are incredibly grateful to have such amazing friends and we hold you close in our hearts.

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