Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh my gosh...honesty in reporting!

Have you seen the story about the lawsuit over the gender predictor kit?

Here's the ABC story.

But this is the part I LOVED...

Another important issue to consider is that all pregnancies naturally carry a 20 percent miscarriage rate, said Dr. Henry Klapholz, chairman of obestrics and gynecology at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, Mass., and a professor at Harvard Medical School.

"At five weeks, quite frankly, you don't know if a pregnancy is 'good,'" Klapholz said. "It's bad enough to think you're going to have a baby because of a positive pregnancy test. Now couples will imagine a baby, then the gender of baby, then the name of the baby — this could be potentially more devastating than a miscarriage."

[emphasis mine]

It's BAD ENOUGH to think you're going to have a baby because of a positive pregnancy test?!?! I'm just busting a gut laughing here.


MB said...

And finally some truth. Good find Catherine! Thanks for posting that!

Lorem ipsum said...

If your biggest thought is whether it's a boy or a girl, you truly are sheltered or superficial. What I always want to know is not whether it's a boy or girl, but whether it's alive or dead.

Sarah said...

I liked this too! I've always sort of wondered about the HPTs that test 5 days before your period is due for similar reasons. Is it really helpful for most people to know they may be pregnant for a few days, instead of just having a period that is a couple of days late. But because the product is there it's incredibly tempting to use... because waiting can be pretty hard.

cat said...

"This could be potentially more devastating than a miscarriage" *grumble*

Hey mister... the miscarriages were pretty damn devastating gender or no gender.

Kathi said...

A few particularly moronic and idiotic twits at work were discussing this. They actually said the words, "can you EVEN imagine how HORRIBLE it would be to think your having a boy and then end up with a girl or vice versa!!!"

And because people in HR (like moi) aren't allowed to beat up others, I stormed into the bathroom and seethed. Grrrrrr.

pengo said...

That's a good one. Getting pregnant. I hate that.

Lisa P. said...

"I always tell my patients, don't plan on a pregnancy until you have a fetal heartbeat; otherwise, the outcome could be terribly disappointing," Klapholz continued." To test so early would be unwise."

DAMN!!! Why didn't anyone tell me this SOONER?? I could have avoided all that silly stuff that happened last year.

Meh. Glad he's not my doc.