Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not what you'd expect

That should be the theme of my life, right? Not what you'd expect.

So the dishes are CLEAN and it's a beautiful thing! Steve had a cup of water last night and commented, "This cup has never BEEN this clean!" (think Ross on Friends with the oddly placed emphasis in the sentence) Sam is thrilled that there are buttons (I'm thrilled there is a lock to prevent him out from pushing the buttons and sabotaging my dish cycles). I...I am positively...orgasmic...over my dishwasher. The thing is sooooo quiet you wouldn't believe it. Of course, it could be that we've been living with on that literally sounded like a locomotive was driving through our kitchen for the past five years...but who knows. We're oddly sensitive that way.

The shower. What can I say? I spent the whole time in there this morning with my body tensed and my arm ready to hit the shut-off when that first blast of all-cold hit my body...which, of course, didn't happen. It's going to take some getting used to, I think. Again...years of conditioning have apparently scarred my psyche. Let's just hope it's not for life. I know the butt crack may have scarred me for about nightmares last night!

I'm feeling that means I'm firmly convinced there is something wrong with this pregnancy. Though I did have a slight gagging episode earlier...hmmm...

Well that is the thrilling update from my day. I promise to write something deep and insightful before too long.


rach said...

Hey, that post was deep and insightful. Just ask a plumber.

You are bringing this baby home, ya hear me?


Sherry said...

Hey, isn't it Chandler who puts the emphasis on the wrong word?

So glad your dishwasher is orgasmic and your shower makes you tense............. LOL

Catherine said...

Duh! It WAS Chandler!

Sarah said...

I like the new color!

Lorem ipsum said...

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the new template. Don't change it! (Er, I'm voting against changing it.)