Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My day

~The cat just gave his bowl a push from the top of the rolled all the way down and landed at my husband's feet.

~I went to the BMV today to renew my license plates on the minivan. The woman behind the counter couldn't figure out how to make the printer print. Her way of handling it...pushing print and standing there waiting....and waiting...and waiting...and saying, "I'm just waiting for it to print." Don't did eventually print.

~Sam's going to be, "a man just like daddy," when he grows up.

~I signed up to attend a scrapbooking convention with a friend I've never met ( internet friend...what would my mom say? oh yeah...she beat me to meeting internet friends by like five or ten years. lol)

~With our grocery store discount, we filled up the minivan with 45 cents a gallon. :o)

~I made a joke that Sam was going to have to sleep in his own bed so Orbit, the foster dalmatian, could sleep in his place. He took me seriously and started crying. Note to self, three-and-a-half is too young for the subtleties of teasing...especially when tired.

~I'm craving cheeseburgers morning, noon, and night. That's got to be a good sign, right?


lauralu said...

mmmmmm....cheeseburgers. (needless to say, i have fallen way off the vegetarian wagon this pregnancy.)

and if you're going to indirectly insult the internet friends you meet, you could at least not do it here - on the internet! we're reading this, you know!

Julie said...

mmmMcDawdle's double cheeseburgers - only $1.
Get two.