What if...?

All the what if's for one day...

~What if Sonya's yarn is expensive?
~What if this scratch on my arm becomes infected?
~What if something bad happens to Steve or Sam?
~What if I can't do well for the animal rescue and the event in May is a complete disaster?
~What if I can't get pregnant?
~What if Alex was our last chance?
~What if dinner sucks?
~What if my secret pal secretly hates me?
~What if I can get pregnant?
~What if our house burns down?
~What if I get fired because I can't concentrate?
~What if I drank too much caffeine today?
~What if Sam refuses to sleep in his own bed for years?
~What if I win the lottery?
~What if my horses get sick?
~What if we go on vacation in May?
~What if the boss catches me blogging?
~What if the expert tells us we have a case?
~What if it rains tomorrow?
~What if my dogs get sick?
~What if the expert tells us we don't have a case?
~What if I die?

I think I need to do something fun. Too much thinking. Too much worrying. I'm going to babyless and bald...with an ulcer...and a strange twitch in my right eye. I'm half expecting a plague of locusts. Any thoughts on a decent vacation in early May (preferably somewhere warm where an almost four-year-old is welcome)?


Heather said…
I hear the Catskills are lovely in May. I know of a dairy farm and free lodging. LOL Boy, would that be a total learning experience for your family. ;)

Seriously, we usually go to Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Last year we went in May and it was wonderful. We went before it got too crowded or warm.
lauralu said…
consider costa rica - very sunny and low-key and everyone loves children. go to the mountains and let sam see the monkies and you get to swim in hot springs, or go to the pacific coast and let sam run wild on the beach while you lay back and go see the sea turtles. there's air fare there, but then once you're there, it's muy barato (very cheap!) and costa rica is the most prepared for gringo visitors of any of the central american countries, so you can get by without speaking spanish. it's hard to remember what your normal life is like when you're there.

if you have a different atmosphere in mind, just tell me - i can recommend sooooo many ideal places!
Jill said…
Well that is one mighty attractive picture you have painted of yourself:) Can we add a verbal tick too - you know - just to scare off the local kids?

Good luck in finding a holiday, something fun to do and in not thinking too much:)

And if you figure that stuff out, be sure to share the knowledge ok?
kate said…
Too much thinking indeed. What if you were to pick up a fun book and immerse yourself in it for awhile? A good rest for the mind. I just finished 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire and it was a lot of fun, and just enough of a dash of seriousness that i did not get bored. If you want, i could chuck it in the mail for you -- the cover has branded it a 'girl book' and noone else around here wants to touch it LOL
AJW5403 said…
Florida is warm and kids are always welcome here. There is so much to do for family's with a small child.
Sherry said…
Catherine - not far from you in Ohio is the Splash Lagoon! They have a website. What fun, long weekend we had there once. We stayed at a hotel connected to the water park. It is all indoors, all kinds of fun play water stuff for all ages. Just a thought!

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