Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stillbirth prevention education

Dear friend of Missing GRACE Organization,

Make sure to join us this Thursday January 19th at 7:30pm Central Standard Time for the Tele-Conference call. You won’t want to miss this important topic: Causes and Prevention of Stillbirth. Dr. Jason Collins will be our special guest speaker. Please read the description of call and speaker bio in this email below.

If you are not familiar with our Tele-Conference Calls, we would like to share with you a bit of information. It is very easy to participate. You simply dial in, enter the access code we give you, and a chime will let other callers know another person has entered onto the call. You will NOT be identified and can remain anonymous if you choose. You can mute yourself so that you can be doing other things while on the call. The speaker will often inquire of their audience of callers about their situations and what questions they would like to cover. People can simply state a question and can share a bit of their story, but again can remain anonymous if they don’t feel comfortable sharing their name. The callers can interject with questions and often it ends up being a very active discussion with many involved in the conversation, with others simply listening in.

You CAN call in from outside the United States- this has been a question we have received from our UK and Australian members and we want to let you know that you are welcome to join us. It will just be a more expensive long distance call, so hopefully you can get a good calling rate for your long distance charges.

Please pass along this valuable information to others who might like to participate.

With Grace,

Candy McVicar
Founder and Executive Director, The Missing GRACE Organization
Grieve * Restore * Arise * Commemorate * Educate
Email candy@missinggrace.org
Web http://www.MissingGRACE.org
Office 763-497-0709

Missing GRACE Organization Monthly Tele-Conference Calls:

We offer, as a free service to members, the opportunity to participate in monthly tele-conference calls. Non members can also participate for a discounted fee of $10! Normally the calls are $20. With this discounted rate, we hope you will be able to make time to join us.

Each month a different specialist (physicians, counselors, authors, etc.) presents valuable information about important topics such as: infertility treatments and options, stillbirth prevention, subsequent pregnancy, prenatal care, stages of grief, and how to keep a marriage strong. Each call is an hour and a half long and consist of the speaker providing 45 minutes of information in a lecture format, after which the lines are opened for a Q & A session for the remainder of time. The calls take place the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Central Standard time.

Register now by emailing info@missinggrace.org and you will receive an email with the tele-conference phone number and the private access code to enter the conference call. Participation is as simple as dialing in and you can call from home, work, or your cell phone!

January: (January 19th)
Causes and Prevention of Stillbirth. On this call Dr. Jason Collins will share information about identifying and understanding different cord issues and how he manages a cord issue in pregnancy to prevent a recurrence of stillbirth in a subsequent pregnancy. Dr. Jason H. Collins attended Tulane University Undergraduate and Medical School , interned in N.Y. , N.Y. and finished his four years of OB/GYN training in New Orleans at Charity Hospital . He has delivered babies for 25 years and formed Pregnancy Institute a (501C-3) to study pregnancy related issues. The Perinatal Umbilical Cord Project is ongoing and studies the issue of Umbilical Cord
Accidents. http://www.preginst.com

February: (February 16th)
Author, Carol Cirulli Lanham will speak and lead discussion about pregnancy after a loss. She suffered her own loss and since has had two sons. She is the author of "Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Loss." She is also a news correspondent for the Associated Press, Reuters,
Newsweek and Vatican Radio.

Additional information will be available soon for March, April and May calls!


kate said...

Where is my freaking comment!? Crazy blogger.

Anyway i forget what i wrote, something like thanks for posting this LOL

rach said...

I didn't know that stillbirth was preventable?! What were you supposed to do to prevent it?!