Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas shopping sucks

We braved the dreaded Christmas rush in order to get a few things. I needed to get gift cards for my secretaries and a space heater for my paralegal (they're not really MINE, but they do things for me, so I want to say thank you and Merry Christmas). Remind me to never again take my husband and son to World Market. My husband's eyes glazed over and my son's eyes sparkled as he flitted from one expensive imported chair to another (with his snowy shoes...ack!). And let's not forget the impromptu concert on the bongo drums. (Do people actually buy those things?)

Shopping is usually quite fun because it includes a favorite pastime of people-watching. But overall, people have nothing to interest me anymore. I actually heard one woman wish another a "Merry Christmas...I'm not with the government, so I'm not going to change." What the...? I mean, when did Christians become so angry about their religion? I don't remember Christmas ever being about *Peace on Earth and kiss my ass if you don't believe in Christ.* It could just be that I'm a little forgetful, but I really don't remember Christmas ever being filled with such resentment and hostility. I don't remember anger ever being a part of our Christmas celebrations as a child. I hope Sam doesn't remember any of that sort of stuff as he grows older.

Generally, people are rude and angry when they shop for Christmas presents. There are those who run you down with their shopping carts. There are those who let their children run wild. There are those who simply look defeated. Perhaps they knew the President was going to speak tonight and it was a sense of impending nausea I could see on their faces? We are winning, we are winning, we are winning... We are enjoying ourselves, we are enjoying ourselves, we are enjoying ourselves...

Last night we went to take a peek at Christmas lights around town and found my new mascot.

This is Christmas to me this year...Drunken Santa.

Off to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. :o)


Windfall Woman said...

Great points....when DID Christmas become a chore?

Lorem ipsum said...

I like that... but for kids it might be easier to explain that Santa is 'resting up' for Christmas Eve.