Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas cards

We have obviously fallen out of touch with some friends during the year and I knew I should anticipate inquiries about our new baby since I signed last year's Christmas cards with a premature "Steve & Cathy & Sam & Baby #2." But despite steeling myself for its arrival, the card that was signed, "We expect to see pictures of both your children," really packed a punch. Little tiny landmines in my Christmas cards...

But then there was this incredibly thoughtful gift from a blogosphere friend. Catherine sent us this sweet little snowman angel ornament with Alex's name on it. Thank you so much for thinking of our Alex, Catherine. You are a wonderful friend.

Also in the mail, supplies for a gift for another mommy whose baby was stillborn. I love sending out the bracelets to these women. But it just makes me so sad that there is another mother who is going through this pain and sadness.

So after the adventure in opening our mail, I toddled off to my office's "unofficial" party where I ate and drank far too much (and let me just say that Margaritas are GOOD things). I returned home at midnight with a killer migraine headache...a combination of not having eaten lunch, consumed too much alcohol with dinner, and a weather front of some sort moving through. It finally disappeared about 8am this morning after six or so advil and 8 hours sleeping on an ice pack.

Today, I think we're going to head out and see if we can find me a car.

Tomorrow will be seven months since Alex was stillborn. I imagine a trip to the cemetery is in order. But that's tomorrow.


bigwhitehat said...

I'm new to your blog.

Of course being new here, I am touched by your story. Although Alex may not have seen the light of day, he still sees the light. He lives richly in a way we don't yet understand. I look forward to meeting him one day.

May Almighty God give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

Julie said...

Isn't Catherine amazing?? ((((hugs)))) Thinking of you and Alex tomorrow.

Lisa P. said...

Catherine, thinking of you. I hope my e-mail didn't come off sounding too pushy... I just care about you. (((hugs)))

Sweet Coalminer said...

Catherine, I hope that the holiday cards go smoother than you anticipate, and that tomorrow (today) isn't as painful, but more of a bittersweet rememberance, and that you find a fantastic deal on a car.

I'm sure Sam would request a DVD player for the back seat. ;)