Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I just spent some time perusing and am now terrified of...everything.

The most scary recalls (to me) involve food with "undeclared" ingredients in them...or the children's products that contain lead.

Sulfites seem to be the most prevalent oversight in food. With a couple undeclared cheeses and anchovies thrown in for good measure. And let's not talk about the possible botulism.

As for children's products, Stravina Operating Co. of Chatsworth, Calif. is recalling about 6 million children's necklaces and zipper pulls that pose a serious risk of lead poisoning. And there is a recall listed for a CRIB that poses a lead poisoning risk. Good grief people!

Seriously, I need to stick to my crochet websites so I don't scare myself silly.


Lorem ipsum said...

Are you sure your crochet hooks don't have lead in 'em?

Recently my dad bought an 'earbud' for his cell phone. On the package it read (something like), 'Wash hands after using. Product coated with lead.' Well, hands are fine, but what about your ear, which doesn't get washed as easily? He returned the bud.

Sherry said...

The lunch boxes with lead are the big thing on the radio around here! They are being recalled by Walmart (who sold a lot of them) and I thought the news cast said by the government also. Very scary :(

gabesmama said...

But good to know. For example, I can't drink my water since Boston still has LEAD pipes and you wouldn't know it unless you checked with the dept of water and sewar.