Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pumpkin pie and landmines

I decided to go ahead and break from tradition and buy Thanksgiving dessert instead of make it this year. Problem was, my mother is diabetic and I couldn't find a suitable sugar free pumpkin pie as requested. So despite having bought the pecan pie and the chocolate divine cake for everyone else, I was still left to bake the sugar free pumpkin pie for my mom.

It was a welcome activity today, filling up some of the time I would have spent thinking about how I was missing Alex on this Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And pumpkin pie, it turns out, is a pretty easy thing to make (I'll let the taste reviews speak for themselves tomorrow).

So I was humming along in the kitchen, opening cans and spices and getting it all ready to mix up. I needed the electric hand mixer. I grabbed the mixing paddles and went in search of the mixer itself. Not in the first cupboard I looked in. I walked over to the cupboard built in above the ovens in the wall and opened the doors. The mixer was there, under the vinyl bib I saved from my first son...that my second son should be using about now. And as if that isn't enough, when I pulled the damn thing down from the cupboard, the brand-spankin-new unused Playtex nursers came tumbling down from whatever place I had hidden them in.

There will come a day when there won't be these little painful reminders tucked away in my house...or maybe there won't and I'll have to move to escape them (but since Steve finally finished the trim on our living room flooring...almost ten months after starting the project...I feel more like staying than ever). Or maybe we'll get lucky and we'll have our dream baby to help us disarm the landmines a bit.

I hope the pumpkin pie gets good reviews.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Anam Cara said...

Hope your pumpkin pie and the rest of the dinner is delicious! Happy Thanksgiving.