Monday, November 21, 2005

It's just not fair

Something else that is forever ruined by losing Alex. I can no longer play fun internet games like I used to.

Posted on the message board I used to call "home"...

Name 3 big changes that have occured in your life since you started posting here.

Even a stupid fun little game like that makes me sad and angry and jealous.

It's just not fair! I hate this! (insert mega temper tantrum here)


Lorem ipsum said...

Yeah. Just WAIT till Thanksgiving and everyone says what they're thankful for. Hah!

Heather said...

That was already done last week, I think. I am sorry, Kate. I know it sucks. I miss you so much there. I hate that you visit that board and then end up upset and not posting. :(

Dana said...

Ditto what Heather said. :(