Sunday, November 27, 2005

Five days off

I just don't know if I can go back to work tomorrow. We had five days off together and it was wonderful. I feel relaxed and calm and snuggly in my sweats and tshirt. The Christmas tree is up, Sam and Alex's ornaments are on hangers above the television, the lights are on the porch outside, the wreath and stockings are up above the fireplace...that's about all the decorating we're doing for the holidays. It doesn't sound bad...unless you know me. Normally my house is a Christmas wonderland. But this year I just can't bring myself to bring out the Santa Clauses or the nativity figures.
We went to my mom's art show last night at Pentagon Gallery (Cleveland Heights, I think). It was nice to see her glass pieces displayed as the art that they are. Poor mom said she felt like she was a fish out of water. But I think that's just because she doesn't have a pretentious bone in her body. A black and white photo of a bowl of peaches...sandstone sculptures of heads...pottery vases, bowls, plates...watercolor still lifes...I think she was in good company, but certainly not better company than herself. But that's just my opinion.
I finally got that last row of tile down on the bathroom doorway. I know I previously said I was going to do it...but something distracted me back then. So today I finally got it done. Yee-haw!
Sam asked to see Santa Claus yesterday. So we took him to Beachwood Place to visit with the big guy. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that when he said he wanted to see Santa Claus, he was being quite literal. We walked up, saw Santa Claus, and that was about the end of it. I tried to cajole him into getting his picture taken with Mr. Claus to no avail. So we went walking and Sam got a really cool free toy from the Firefly mobile people.
Had a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at Legacy Village. I highly recommend the Strawberry Daiquiris and the Chicken Medeira. However, I also recommend you skip the bread so you have room for the cheesecake...any cheesecake. Yum! But don't expect quiet romantic conversation. They've got the Christmas music blaring entirely too loudly in the dining rooms. And you might want to take a flashlight. Apparently they think you don't need to see your food to enjoy it.
Do they have to use babies to sell everything? I mean...Planter's THAT really necessary?!?!
Yes, we really did get all that snow. It was gone two days later. We got a bit more over Thanksgiving, but it's all gone now too. Don't will return. This is, after all, the snowbelt of the Great Lake Erie.
I think I even have to go to court tomorrow. What a bummer. That means wearing nice clothes and acting like I've got my act together. How tiresome.


Heather said...

Good luck tomorrow. I can't believe you live two hours from Erie. I went to college at Edinboro and spent alot of time in Erie. Seems like forever ago.

Lorem ipsum said...

Oh God. The Planters commercial had me in tears.

Knock 'em out tomorrow. I know you will.

Holley said...

It's no comfort, but I don't want to go to work tomorrow too. The first day after five days away is going to be hard. And guess what? I have to be in court tomorrow too! ;op

Just take a deep breath and jump right in. You won't be fine, but you'll get through it.

Big hugs.

Julie said...

Speaking of commercials... Pampers has a real tear-jerker out now. Of course, they use babies to sell their product... but 2 dozen or so sleeping babies while playing 'silent night'. Made me cry.