Saturday, October 01, 2005

Random thoughts

I saw a very old man yesterday who seemingly had no teeth. Yet he was heartily chomping down on a double thickburger from Hardees. It made me giggle.


Why is it that I passed on the AFP testing with Alex, saying, "Whatever happens will happen, regardless." But when whatever actually happened, it nearly destroyed me? Where was my light attitude then?


I smiled when I saw a man in his fifties standing at the peace officer memorial outside my office. It was nothing special. No flowers or anything. Just a man in a peaceful moment, reading the names of those who have died in the line of duty.


We brought in ANOTHER foster puppy who is completely NUTSO! She is completely unsocialized at 6 months old and still wants to engage in puppy a forty pound body...and with much bigger teeth than a puppy. She needed to learn lessons a long time ago. It's going to be fun figuring out how to train her. I will post her picture in the sideline with Orbit's picture. Her name is Rosie Posie.


We rented a post hole digger. Wish us luck.


My receptionist is either the dumbest person alive, or the most annoyingly optimistic...or a combination of both. Yesterday I got the call again. "We have BABYYYYY...and (co-worker) is here with birthday cake." I was feeling strong, so I went downstairs to see them. The baby started to fuss. My receptionist picked him up out of his infant carrier...and proceeded to try to hand him to ME! I clutched my coffee cup in a death grip and just smiled and shook my head no. I think she thinks I'm going to magically be "cured" if I just hold someone else's baby. I think she thinks she can snap me out of "it." She's really starting to get on my nerves. I think it's time we have a heart to heart chat.


My thoughts and love go out to my friend N. Her father evacuated from Port Arthur, TX and is afraid there won't be anything left of his home or his business. N is also worried that Rita disturbed the peace of her mother's resting place. If you could just send up a thought/prayer/whatever you believe in for them, it would be appreciated.


I'm a project fool these days. I've got beads and quilts and crocheting and sewing and cleaning and building...all going on at the same time! I'm actually enjoying myself. I think I may have found the key to my sanity...distraction. :o)


I'm not pregnant. Just wanted everyone to know that whatever is in the blogosphere's water hasn't hit here. :o)


Twice now, I've gotten ahead of myself and bought baby gifts for people who have subsequently lost their baby. I'm never buying another baby gift until I actually lay eyes on a living baby. Another piece of optimism and joy bites the dust.


I am now a political advisor and playground monitor. I had a township trustee tell me he didn't know what to do because the people were complaining to him about the zoning inspector and things have "gotten really bad." I told him, "I can't make you boys play nice and get along." A tad condescending maybe...but I think he got the point.


I'm going to have a big bottle of wine I have to figure out what I want to eat with it.


If you've enjoyed this peek into my brain, just wait until after I spend the day digging holes with my husband.


Jill said...

How about a peek into your brain after that big bottle of wine?

I hope the fence building goes well. Itsounds like you desperately need it now Rosie Posie has come to live with you!

Your receptionist needs to be bitch slapped.

Thoughts stamped and sent to your friend:(

Distraction is magic - always works wonders for me. Can't wait to see what you make:)

I'll send you some water from here if you email me your address - see if that helps with the ttc ;)

Good luck with your puppy training!

gabesmama said...

I feel for your on the big puppy teeth. I have so many puppy toys and rawhide bones for Loa but she just wants to bite me and the bottoms of my pants. How long will this period of monster puppy last? Loa is beautiful but she can also be a monster with big ears! I can't wait to see Rosie.

Bronwyn said...

Wonder what kind of beading you'd be doing after a bottle of wine? ("Sequined thongs! They'll be all the rage this Christmas!) Enjoy your evening -- you definitely deserve a little time to unwind.

msfitzita said...

I agree - your secretery needs a talking to!

I too am eagerly awaiting your post-wine ramblings. I'm also curious to know what food you found to eat it with.

Mostly I hope you relaxed and enjoyed your evening. You deserved it.