Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What I've been doing today

1. Imagine the horror when I'm laying in bed and the phone rings. It's my husband telling me the window installers are on their way. I hadn't washed my face and I wasn't yet wearing a bra. Quick rinse in the bathroom, change of clothes with the addition of a bra, and I'm on my way for the day. It was 10:30 before I got my coffee...that was fun.

2. Now imagine the horror when the window installer moves the bedside table and finds dust bunnies the size of Manhatten hiding there. I'm so embarassed.

3. After several unsuccessful attempts to tweak it, I have reached the conclusion that blogrolling won't work for me. It just doesn't like me. I'm convinced it's personal.

4. I'm trying to coordinate the rescue of this dog...

5. I'm also trying to find Swarovski beads in bulk for making M.O.M. bracelets. And some dumbass keeps outbidding me on eBay. grrr!


kate said...

Hi Cathy, I emailed you with a question about the dog but i'm not sure if that email address is good or not. If you don't get it, mail me back

Jill said...

Ebay scares me when it comes to auctions. Is that Orbit?

Bronwyn said...

How many beads do you need? There are a ton of suppliers in Canada, but I have no idea what a good price is. If there's any way I can help, just email me.


Catherine said...

ack! What's your email? Please email me at

Holley said...

I have a few swarovskis if you want them.

I boughtthem foolishly thinking I would make jewelry and use them for some cross stitch.

I realized that I probably won't be making jewelry and it is easier just to buy the bead kits for my cross stich.

Maybe we can meet for lunch and I can give you the few crystals I have.

Also, the Pat Catans near me sells swarovskis at a slightly cheaper than retail price.