Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Smiles and tears

Hey H...

Remember when we played audio clips on the computer upstairs at the court? Remember, "I'll go if you go?" Remember lunch at Massimo's...ordering tickets on Von's cell phone? Remember our road trip to Austin? Where ARE those pictures?

I just popped TOFOG in the CD player of my computer at work and am having a good smile...with a few tears.

I think I need to come into Cleveland for that Massimo's lunch buffet some day...for old times sake. After all...we've slept together. [wink]


Holley said...

Yay! Blogger let me post!

The pictures remain at the very same website as always. I found the originals when I organized (temporarily) the home office.

You know, in a way that was a recovery trip for me. It was a little more than a year after the multiple deaths in my family and I was still healing. And I didn't know it at the time but it was the last time I saw Angie.

We had a wonderful time didn't we?

You went for the sunrise while the rest of us chose to sleep.

Catherine said...

lol...yeah...an HOUR ahead of time because someone told me there was a time change!

holley said...

Well there was a time change. Just not the one we thought.