Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm scary

Today I frightened a pregnant woman...a complete stranger who I'm sure thinks I'm just plain scary. But there she was, standing across the festival grounds, rubbing her VERY pregnant belly and laughing with someone who looked so much like her it must have been her sister. I couldn't help but stare. There was no power on this earth that could have pulled my attention from her and her beautiful belly. And she saw me. saw me. And she gave me that look that said she was flattered, but slightly frightened by my stare. I wonder what she saw in my eyes and on my face? I didn't cry and I didn't feel myself smile...What did I look like...besides scary?


Jill said...

To someone who has no clue how wrong it can go? Probably just plain scary and strange. What's it matter though? She was momentarily unnerved and you know you aren't a threat so onward we go and she will probably have her baby and you will still be trying to understand your scary strange new reality.

I'm certain I am guilty of looking just a little too long sometimes as well. I guess that's life now right?

Lorem ipsum said...

Ah... the evil eye. Not on purpose, but I do the same thing.

With the horror stories of pregnant women being murdered for their babies, I can see why she might have been unnerved. But yeah, you're harmless.