I hate tags

Lorem tagged me.

I hate tags for precisely this reason...

23rd post...fifth line...

Then it hit me...there's going to be four of us!


I'm not going to tag anyone else...I'm not in the mood for this anymore.


Bronwyn said…
It's weird looking back like that, isn't it? I didn't write much at all when I was pregnant, but the little I did was about the sheer awe about being responsible for this little person. And then when that person is no longer there, you can't help but feel like you failed somehow. I'm sorry that the "tagging" process dredged up painful memories. We shouldn't have crap like this in our heads.
msfitzita said…
"That's all I cared about" was my 23/5. I wasn't tagged, but got curious when I read this post - I've never even heard of tagging.

The post my line came from was one in which I talked about wishing I could turn back time.

Catherine, I wish so much that I could turn it back for you too - that I could change the outcome for everyone who has suffered what we have. It isn't right that anyone has to know this pain. No one should have to lose a child.

I'm so sorry. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))
Lorem ipsum said…
I'm so sorry. This stinks.

It taught me a lesson. We loss-people (lost people?) have blogs so fraught with this sort of thing, and throwing such a dart can be doubly dangerous.
Lisa P. said…
Oh, damn.

I didn't think about who this might affect badly when I got tagged, myself. I am sorry.

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