Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Balancing act

There's an old saying about angels dancing on the head of a pin. I wonder just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I wonder this mainly because it seems to illustrate the precarious balance of life.

Today was a particularly hectic Wednesday. Certainly not as hard as Wednesdays used to be, but hectic nonetheless. It was a "normal" hectic...with me trying to get things accomplished while my three-year-old managed a running commentary and endless stream of "why?" questions. As he was napping in the car on a long drive home this afternoon, I got to thinking about how much I can really handle. I began to think about the head of that pin...and how much room is really there for balancing stuff.

It has been a LONG year...and it's only September. I remember the old days, when September meant the beginning of the school school school class schedules...making new friends and seeing old friends again. But now September feels like the end of the year is approaching. There are no new beginnings involved here.

But I'm still here. I haven't died. I haven't had a mental breakdown...which I think I'm fully entitled to, by the way. And the normal things are starting to take up the space in my brain again.

We have no money. The dishes need done. The bathroom sink needs cleaned and I seem to be the only one who knows how to do it. The husband is irritating me with his lack of domestic skills. The son is making me crazy with the potty training setbacks. We have too many bills. We have too many animals.

It seems I can take a lot. I appears that I'm pretty tough stuff. I am woman...hear me roar.

But I still wonder if there will come a point where there will be too many angels dancing on the head of the pin. Will I have that breakdown? Will we have too many bills and not enough money? Will we catch bubonic plague from the crud in the bathroom sink?


holley said...

We can have a breakdown together if you'd like the company.

Julie said...