Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lotus Notes

Did you know that Lotus Notes saves every email you ever send or receive unless you set it otherwise?

10/8/04 Agony over finding a new OB/GYN
10/12/04 Found a OB/GYN and scheduled an appointment
10/28/04 Morning sickness necessitates buying the Lifesavers I still have in my candy jar at the office
11/3/04 Still hadn't told the boss I was pregnant
12/15/04 Is it a girl or a boy...heartbeat was 150-160
12/17/04 "Why do you keep asking me how I feel?" "Because you are growing life, and I care."
12/28/04 Free pizza...soap shopping since I was allergic to spearmint sage
12/30/04 The dog keeps us up all night with unexplained barking.
1/4/05 Bad news on the job front...budget cuts
1/10/05 Floor color shopping
1/13/05 Scheduled the ultrasound
1/28/05 We order a booster seat for Sam
2/7/05 Fat pregnant lady gets a new driver's license
2/8/05 Steve, Sam, and Alex send me birthday flowers
2/11/05 Bid on a quilt on eBay for Alex's crib
2/15/05 Sam makes a big paper heart full of candy for Valentine's Day
3/3/05 Girl Scout cookies are in
3/18/05 Panic attack about not having any new toys for Alex
3/27/05 Watched Little People for a bazillion times with Sam
3/30/05 Scheduled an interview for a job I never heard about again
4/4/05 Wake up to find a tree resting on our barn roof
4/8/05 The Wiggles make more than Russell Crowe
4/14/05 Freak out over no maternity clothes to wear to work
4/21/05 Scheduled the prenatal tour with the hospital
5/6/05 Deja the foster dalmatian gets adopted and travel plans are finalized
5/31/05 Back to work...a lot of crying and uncomfortable people

I just don't know why...but I can't delete them.


Lisa P. said...

((((hugs)))) I don't think I could delete them, either.

Holley said...

I'd keep them too.

Hugs to you.

Jill said...

They are the footprints of a journey that changed you forever. I'd keep them too:)


Bronwyn said...

I keep all of mine too. In a way, it's a nice reminder of all of the happy times during the pregnancy (even the gripes and copmlaints!). The next time is giong to be such a different experience... (Listen to me, "the next time". But we will have a next time, right?!)

gabesmama said...

I too have Notes at work. I hate it when I search on something and I come across the weeks right before I lost Gabe. I did delete some of them because it was too painful, but then today I actually went into my notes calendar to look at all my doctor appts. for 2004 and remind myself that I was a good mother...