Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just when I was doing so well

I have a particularly difficult client. He thinks his issues are the only thing on my schedule and I should always take his calls and always take a meeting with him when he just drops in unannounced. Today he reamed me a new one for "lack of communication." My boss, overhearing the massacre of what is left of my self-esteem, stepped in as my knight in shining armor. Hell, I'm ONE person and I currently represent the entire county and all its townships ALL BY MYSELF! I'm doing the best I can prioritizing and getting things done.

And I was good with his explanation, until he squeezed in the middle of the explanation, "Catherine...(pause, not sure how to say what he wants to say)...has had a rough summer." Like I had the flu. Like I'm just not keeping myself together for no reason. Like it was no big deal. Not like my baby died and I'm completely shredded and incapable of caring about your damn problems that don't amount to a hill of beans.

I had to excuse myself to "go make a photocopy." I made it into the office before promptly falling apart sobbing.

I just don't have it in me to deal with this nonsense anymore.


Lorem ipsum said...

I had a client like that - possibly worse. I hold him at least partially responsible for my first miscarriage.

I still want to go back and tell him off, but I should make sure I will never, ever have to work with him again. And there are no guarantees about that until I have that healthy baby in my arms. And then it won't matter, will it?

Your boss sounds like mine - nice guy, but too soft on protecting his people.

Jill said...

I told off a bitch customer when I was a waitress and told her to be grateful she was alive and sitting up eating as my poor grandmother who had died days earlier would love to be in her shoes right now!

I got a big hug from my manager but told to go home NOW!

Anam Cara said...

I am so so so sorry you have to deal with this kind of stuff. People just suck sometimes!