Monday, August 08, 2005

It was a nice weekend

We had weather in the low 80s and bright beautiful skies.

Friday night we hit the grocery store and bought this incredible chocolate cake roll dessert. Kind of like a giant swiss cake roll covered in gooey chocolate frosting. It kept us in proper dessert all weekend and I'm so glad Steve talked me into it.

Saturday morning I took Rory, our black lab mix, to the vet. He lost an argument with our foster dalmatian an is now nursing a nasty infection on his forehead. Dumb dog doesn't realize she's twice his size and can quite easily kick his scrawny butt.

While I was at the vet trying to keep my arm in it's socket while holding Rory on a leash in the waiting room, Steve was at home consulting with the roofing guy that Lowe's sent out for our estimate. $4100!?!?! Just to put a new layer of shingles on! Holy crap batman! It has to be done...our house is less weather-tite than a piece of swiss cheese. We've got the windows on the way (gotta love 12 months same as cash!) we've got to get to the roof. Yes, we live in the Money Pit. Did you ever see that movie? I used to think it was a funny movie...until I moved into my house. lol

I can't even remember what we did most of the rest of the day Saturday, since it seems we didn't really do much of anything. It was wonderful. The Cubs lost. And I know we grilled our dinner and sat outside while Sam explored the yard with his big stick. We had nowhere to go and nothing to do...and we liked it that way.

Sunday we worked. Imagine if you can, Steve on the upper stairs, Sam and I at the bottom of the stairs, using screwdrivers and pliers to pull staples out of the wood. The carpet was pulled up weeks ago and we've been gingerly walking up and down the steps since then, dodging carpet staples as we went. So we decided it was finally time to remove them. Yay us! Sam was a big help too. I swear, give that kid some tools and set him to a project with his daddy and he's happy as a clam. Steve and I were contemplating whether it makes us bad parents that we enlist our son in obviously potentially dangerous household chores.

"Mr. & Mrs. did your son bust his head open?"

" see...we had him using pliers to pull carpet staples out of the floor when he lost his balance and the pliers came back and bonked him in the forehead."

Before you go calling Children Services on us...he was closely supervised at all times. Which probably explains why Steve managed to do about a dozen stairs while I only managed to get one completely done. But Sam had a great I don't think Steve minded all that much.

After the stairs were sufficiently de-stapled, we went outside and scrubbed all the green slimey stuff off our deck in preparation for some stain and a good water sealer. Of course, this involved Sam running around with the hose "washing" everything in sight...Steve and I included. But we all enjoyed the water and had an incredible time giggling at Sam's obvious delight (until he accidentally hit the house at the wrong angle and ended up soaking himself...suddenly it wasn't so funny...hehehe).

We finished off the evening by snuggling in bed and watching "Missing" on Lifetime. I love this show, though I have to admit that I miss the original chick who was on it. Vivica Fox just isn't as convincing as a hard-a$$ FBI agent. Which reminds me...we saw a promo for short series called "Beach Girls" with Rob Lowe and a promo for a new Showtime show "Weeds" with Mary Louise Parker. While "researching" these shows today I also stumbled across a new ABC Family Network show called "Beautiful People" with Daphne Zuniga (you were right, Steve, she IS doing Lifetime movies/tv). I now realize I need to get my VCR fixed. Though it's probably cheaper to just buy a new one these days. But I'm missing some good TV. And I MUST have a way to record during the Fall television season. Distraction is GOOD.

Speaking of distraction...I'm going to be walking our foster dog in a parade next month (provided she doesn't get adopted before then). And I'm actually getting back in the barn with my horses. I can't wait for fair time!

See...I can smile about a lot of things. :o)


Heather said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love fair time too. Our show is a week from today. Such a great time of year.

lauralu said...

what a lovely weekend! :)

maybe instead of a new vcr, what you need is tivo. i have a friend who uses windows media player like tivo, too; not sure how it works, but you probably already have windows media player. check your software.

Julie said...

Nice to hear you have found reasons to smile. I am proud of you. ((((((Cathy))))))))

Lisa P. said...

sounds good (especially dessert...) ;-)

buffi said...

I second the TiVo suggestion. If you have to get something new anyway, it is great. No more looking for blank tapes, making sure they are rewound, recording over something accidentally. Tivo Changed my life. Oh, brother. I sound like an infomercial!

PS That chocolate cake thingy sounds heavenly!

Jill said...

I suppose it is wrong to be giggling at the image of you and Steve standing with halos shining, either side of a stunned looking 3 year old at the emergency room...isn't it? Sounds like a lovely weekend:)