Thursday, August 25, 2005

Baby Alex has a new neighbor.

Sixteen-year-old Brittany Collier died in a car accident on Sunday, August 14, 2005. As I visited Alex on Tuesday afternoon, I saw her grave, covered with dozens of flower arrangements and thought about who she might have been. I saw on her temporary grave marker that she was a teenager...and I began to think about her family...and all those she must have left behind to mourn her passing.

I wonder how her parents are her younger brother is doing. I'm incredibly sad for all of them. But I'm particularly sad for Brittany's mother because I know the questions she will ask as she sits in that place, not so far from where I sit.

I hope that she finds peace along her journey of grief.


cat said...

Your hopes for her are my hopes for you. Sending you some love and support today.

vixanne wigg said...

Even though I hate it when anybody says...well at least you never knew your baby or you could have lost and older child...I do think it would be a thousand times harder. That is very very tragic.