Thursday, July 28, 2005

well, well, well...

A brief review of my medical records from my first pregnancy reveals that I had the same uterine infection when delivering Sam. Apparently the doctor thought it was from having had ruptured membranes for so long. I do remember him telling me that after 24 hours, there was too much risk for infection, so we went ahead with the c-section after 22 1/2 hours. But nobody ever told me that they did, in fact, find infection. I was told my fever and shivers were "normal at certain stages of labor and delivery."

And when my c-section wound wouldn't heal for a year, the doctor actually asked me if I was keeping it clean, as though it was my fault it wouldn't heal...when in fact that is a frequent consequence of having said uterine infection. Again, nobody ever mentioned it to me. I remember feeling frustrated and sad that I was doing something wrong because I simply couldn't heal. To this day, I still get flair-ups at my incision site where it turns red and itchy and tender. Again, I was told it was normal.

I wonder...Have I been carrying an infection around with me for three years? And if so, what damage has it done? Can I ever have another living baby? Or will my body poison any baby that attempts to grow in my uterus? Don't I deserve to be informed so I can make appropriate family planning decisions? Shouldn't I have known this information so that I could inform my OB during my pregnancy and watch for signs?

Even more distressing is the fact that Sam has breathing issues, he was very sleepy after birth and we had trouble establishing breastfeeding...all apparently also frequent results of said infection. The thought of what could have happened to him... But since I've begged my husband not to borrow trouble, I won't even go there.

You're right Princess Holley...the standard of care is apparently VERY low. And apparently truth isn't part of it.

Do you know what it is like to know that you can't trust your doctor? How the hell am I supposed to EVER go to another doctor's office again? I can tell you that this has created such paranoia in me that I will never leave another doctor's office again without a hard copy of whatever record is generated AT THAT APPOINTMENT. Because apparently, you can't trust a word that comes out of their lying faces.


holley said...


How can anyone possibly say that the standard of care was not breached. You had the same infection with Sam.


Big Hugs.

Sweet Coalminer said...

Oh how horrible. What an awful doctor. I'm so sorry.

I do know how it feels not to be able to trust. I was so lucky to be able to find an honest, caring, concerned doctor in between awful ones.

Jill said...

The more you look, the more you find:( This is horrendous.

Over here, doctors own medical records and patients aren't allowed to look at them.

So in this country, not only would you have the records you have seen, but comments by the doctor such as 'paranoid', 'unstable', 'difficult patient' etc... So yeah, I understand paranoia in the doctor's office - God knows what goodies are on your file and you can never even find out.

It does sound like you have a case though. Did the other law firm get back to you? I know one said there was no case, but did the other? I hope you find the help you need.

lauralu said...

i would hate to see you get bogged down in pursuing a vendetta at the expense of your own quality of life, but it sure seems like there's a case to be pursued here.

Dana said...

Omg! Oh Kate! I am SO sorry. No wonder the a$$holes didn't want to release your records. Ugh! I am sorry Kate. This is really too much. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Big hugs,