Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thanks for the reading suggestions.

I read Empty Cradle, Broken was ok...nothing to write home about.

Then I read Empty Arms (what's with the empty theme?) and didn't care for it at all.

I picked up Trying Again last night again and I think I must be in a bit better of a frame of mind, because it's not as bad as I first thought. The thing that really set me off of it the first time was the line, "There's not any single right answer." But I read past that and it's actually pretty helpful.

The thing I waffle on dis/liking in all these books are the, "Nancy remembers the feelings of hopelessness..." stories. I don't need to identify more...I can identify just fine without the personlized stuff, ya know?

I'll give Pregnancy After a Loss a try too...thanks for the suggestion.

Can you tell I'm a researcher by nature? A planner? I wonder why I bother, since we all know it don't mean a hill of beans in the long run.


Holly Golightly said...

I really liked "Life Touches Life". I don't know, I read it at about two months out. She really helped me to see that Isaac could still be a part of my every day life. I recommend it. I read it in a day. Like you, I was over the identify stage. Just food for thought.

gabesmama said...

The book that helped me the most was "When bad things happen to good people." I'm sure you've heard of it. It helped to get away from the pregnancy loss books because I felt like I compared myself too much with each story and reading about non-pregnancy grief made me realize that suffering is universal. It also helped me answer that question: "is life random or is this God's plan." I still don't know....Thank you for your advice on the home study for the dog. You are right that they just have to be sure. You kow what is funny about this is before seeing Betsy I found another Bassett and the shelter was in SC. Well, they had absolutely no screening process, which made me really sad for the dogs and then I didn't really feel good about adopting the dog if they don't even have a screening process. I'll keep you posted on the blog. Thanks for your support it made me smile. ~Rebecca