Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our goldfish died

So it seems I can't keep anything alive these days. We had originally bought goldfish way back when in college. Nothing special, just a little ten gallon aquarium with rocks on the bottom and some plastic plants.

We had one goldfish that suffered through several moves with us, developed tumors (earning the nickname Franken-fish), and was picked on by new fish we bought to keep him company (earning him a new tank all to himself). He finally kicked the bucket sometime in February, shortly after my birthday.

We've been a one fish household since February, and the last fish finally died yesterday. I myself was considering packing up the fish tank and putting it in the basement with Franken-fish's tank. But Sam, who took the news surprisingly well, told Steve, "We're sad because our fishy died. But we can go to WalMart and buy some more."

So off we go to WalMart to invest in some cheap fish.

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HOlley said...

I love that Sam knows that you can get more fish at Wal-Mart.