Friday, June 24, 2005

No Sh!t

"That's not something you get over easily."

Add your own editorial comments here.

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lauralu said...

who said that to you? please be sure to tell them i said they're a moron.

i'm behind with my blogs, so i'm just reading about the prelimimary autopsy. when you see your doctor next, maybe for the final autopsy report, you should tell him/her about your experience. really.

i agree with commenters on your original post that you should withhold some judgement until the final autopsy, but the fact is, it may not tell you anything more.

i'm not sure i agree with your resolution that alex's size was the result of your bodily function. there are other possible explanations. by all means, find out what you can from the autopsy and do what you can to prevent it from happening again, but until then, i hope you can keep an open mind.

i know this must have been a god-awful week. i hope the weekend makes up for it.