Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy 3rd Birthday Samuel Charles!

The past three years have been the best three years of our lives. From the moment you were born (actually from the moment we knew you were on your way), you have brought such joy and happiness to our lives that it's impossible to imagine what life was like without you.

There are no words to describe the wonder of hearing you laugh or tell us excitedly about all the different trains on Thomas the Tank Engine. There is no way to adequately capture the magic of seeing you dance or hearing you sing. There is nothing that compares to getting a "big hug" or a "spitty kiss" from you. We will never find something to match the thrill of watching you accomplish some task that you set your mind to.

Many of the "firsts" happen in the first three years and you would think life would become routine. Not with you, my amazing son. You have shown us that life is an amazing journey to be cherished. You have taught us the value of slowing down and enjoying the little things. Dandelions and rocks have never been as fascinating as when we look at them with you. Hours in the sandbox seem to take place in the blink of an eye. Watching you "play baseball" all over the back yard is better than any major league game we could buy tickets for. Thank you for every shared moment...they have been magical.

We are very sorry this year brought any sadness or disappointment to you. Please know that we would have prevented it if we could have. There is nothing we wouldn't do to protect you from being hurt or upset, if we only had the power.

We love you more than ever...and we will love you always.

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