Friday, April 15, 2005

Customer service again

We're waiting for the contractor to come out, look at the hole we have in our barn roof, and give us what is sure to be an insane estimate for the repair work. He was supposed to come out Tuesday. I was home with a sick Sam on Tuesday and didn't recall seeing anyone out there, so Steve called the company and left a message...because apparently they don't have a receptionist to answer the phones.

The voicemail we got in return was something like, "John tells me that the time he was scheduled to come out to your place was during the time he had the flu. So we'll have to reschedule. Thank you for reminding us." Apparently John doesn't feel the need to call people to cancel appointments when he has the flu...and they don't have anyone to keep their schedules in order so the clients need to remind them when they're supposed to be working.

They really do need a receptionist.

And I'm thinking we need to find another contractor.

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Backpetal said...

Well, I suppose if all else fails on the job front, you could suggest they hire you as a receptionist. If they're truly the gouging sort, your pay might not be THAT bad. ;-)