Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What is my role here?

I'm fact, I have a law school degree. I'm a licensed attorney. I'm 33 years old. And now I can proudly say that I have been reduced to the role of beggar. But I prefer to put my own politically correct spin on it and say that I've unwittingly become a fundraiser.

You see, in the face of becoming unemployed, I started telling my clients that they would no longer be able to rely on my services. Then something interesting happened. My clients started sending checks...BIG my office. They sent checks such that I could remain employed and many others in my office could also remain employed.

I have so many things to be proud of in this scenario that I feel a bit like tooting my own horn. My clients think enough of me that they want to retain my services. I was honest enough with people that I was able to help the entire office out of what was a very bleak budget situation. I was humble enough to tell people that yes, I would take their money if it meant maintaining my job.

Mom and Dad...thanks for teaching me the lessons that got me here...and giving me the brains enough to use those lessons effectively.

We're no longer shutting down the office. At last count, only four people will be laid off and some others will be forced to take shorter work weeks. But that's a far sight better than shutting the doors and turning off the lights.

In this instance, I don't mind being a beggar--err--fundraiser.

OH...but I'm still looking. :o)


Anonymous said...

Go you!

So you will still be applying down here?


Backpetal said...

Holy cow! That is GREAT! The persuasiveness and client rapport have demonstrated in this situation are evidence that you would be an asset to ANY law firm.

Okay, I'm finished with my little letter of recommendation. :-)

Way to go!