Saturday, March 19, 2005

There comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she realizes she is completely unprepared for a new baby. My time was yesterday. I want this baby boy to feel special. I don't want him to have ALL hand-me-downs for his entire life. Of course, the early years are not THAT important because he won't know what's what. But I WILL. And since I went insane taking picture of Sam in every outfit he ever owned, I will know what is a hand-me-down and what is new...and feel guilty about every one.

SO...I've decided to sort through my baby clothes and have a garage sale. I will reinvest my "profits" in "new" clothes for baby. (I don't buy many truly new clothes...I love consignment's that for irony?) Anyway...I had it all under control. Then I realized yesterday that this baby has absolutely NO toys of his own. Not one rattle, stuffed bear, link toy. Nothing! eeks! I think I feel the need to go shopping. And Sam is all up for it. He says this morning, "Let's go toy shopping for baby." I think Daddy's been working on it so that he doesn't have to watch me freak out anymore. :o)

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