Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The law of nature and the Maple Festival

Being a Chardon-ite (we actually lived in one of the surrounding townships...but we're all considered Chardon-ites since it's the nearest civilization), I'm completely thrilled and excited that it's time for the Geauga County Maple Festival.

No, I have no investment in the Maple products industry. And I don't particularly enjoy the crowds and noise of the festival itself. But for some inexplicable reason, I can't wait to bundle up the family and walk the streets of Chardon square, sucking on some Maple candy or indulging in a hot maple stir (and yes, I can remember when maple stirs were $0.10 each).

The laws of nature and the Maple Festival dictate that the temperature will be in the 40s and it will rain or snow (or both). But there is something about the heralding-in of spring that makes us Chardon-ites tremble with glee at the mere sight of the sap buckets on the trees...or maybe it's that we're not wearing warm enough coats?

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