Sunday, February 06, 2005

Terrible Parents shop at Lowe's

Today we returned some unneeded flooring products from our home improvement project (we're actually approaching a finished product, if you can believe it), and we entered into the realm of "that kind" of parent. I actually heard myself say, "That's IT! We're a leaving, I'm done dealing with you."

Now before you think I was overreacting, this was after two hours of repeatedly screaming the following...

"Up mommy!"

"Only Daddy can drive!"

"I want to go into the store!"

"I want Mommy to take them back!"

"I don't want to go back in the car!"

"I want a cheeseburger!"

I actually got that look from passers-by while my son was laying flat on the floor, pounding his fists, kicking his feet and yelling, "UP MOM-MEEEEEE." I know they were thinking, "Why doesn't she just pick him up? That poor baby boy." I always feel like I should unbutton my rather large winter coat so that my pregnant belly is sticking out there and providing me a valid excuse for why I'm not carting my 40 pound child all over creation and back. But since I was too cold to remove my coat, I had to instead try reason, threats, bribery, get the picture.

And I'm afraid we can't go back to Arby's ever again. Immediately upon the cashier asking, "Can I help you?" our son launches into, "I want a CHEESEBURGER." (Which, of course, they don't sell at Arby's)

It has been a very long day. And even now, while trying to watch the Super Bowl, we hear, "I want to watch the Wiiiig-gles." And, "I want to watch Maaaaaiii-syyyyy."

{It is necessary to read all those 2 1/2 year old quotes in this post with a nasal whine...a la Fran Drescher...I'm about ready to dig out my ear plugs from my bar exam-taking days}

If those other Lowes shoppers could see me now they would think I was the WORST parent in the world. And I'm so tired, I'm beginning to think they might be right.

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Anonymous said...

No, they were probably thinking, that poor mother, she has a two/three year old.

Angie was requesting "Oobi" and "BBC America" during the superbowl. She settled for dancing with me in her bedroom.