Thursday, February 10, 2005

Now I see what they see

My son always gets good reports from daycare. He's a great kid and he does well with other kids. But lately Steve and I have been wondering what we're doing wrong that we always seem to get nothing but attitude at home (or at Lowe's).

Then yesterday, Steve stayed home for the day with Sam because he (Steve) wasn't feeling well. By lunchtime he felt well enough to bring Sam up to visit me at the office and we went to Hardee's for lunch.

We finally got to see the happy, friendly kid that everyone at daycare gets to see. He was a JOY to be around. It would appear that we're normally getting the tired and cranky version of the kid who runs around all day impressing others.

Now I wish I didn't have to work so I could soak that all up myself and not share it with anyone. I stayed home with him for the first 15 months and we did a LOT during that time. But he was still a baby and it just wasn't the same. He now can explore and communicate...and I feel like I'm missing it. my mama friends...don't tell your kids they can have it ALL. They can't. If they're like most of us, they'll have to make choices that will let them have a lot...but it's impossible to have it all, no matter how hard you try.

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Anonymous said...


It's all about compromise, maybe even more than marriage.

So Sam gets good reports at daycare but is crazy at home? Hmmmm. Maybe this means Angie would be insane at daycare and would be good at home.