Never turn your back on a four-year-old

I wanted to get Sam out of the house so I could wrap his Christmas gifts from mommy and daddy. He's only getting three, so I figured he could take the quick trip with Steve to the vet to pick up Old Dog's medication and the wrapping would be all done by the time they got home. Of course, Sam pitched a fit and didn't want to go, so I TOLD him why he had to go. I said, "'s why you have to go with Daddy...I want to wrap your Christmas presents from me and daddy because we're going to open presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow night." He was thrilled and happily agreed to go.

Upon their return, I was reading blogs and, quite honestly, not paying much attention. Sam came into the room and said something about not seeing his presents. I absent-mindedly said, "They're under the tree."

Next thing I know, I hear Sam yelling up the stairs, "Mommy, I need somebody to come down and help me put together the crane you and Daddy got me."


I flew downstairs and was greeted with Christmas-morning style carnage. Wrapping paper littered the floor and Sam stood there with his three presents...looking quite pleased with himself.


I don't know exactly what I said, but I recognized that in that one moment things could have gone either way...happy mistake that we will laugh about for years...or...moment that would create a serious need for therapy many years in the future. I opted for happy.

Secretly I wanted to cry because there will be no pictures of him opening his presents this year from us. But at least we will have a good story about WHY there are no pictures of him opening his presents from us this year.

Oh...word of advice...

If you have a young child...I suggest having this talk with them EARLY...

If you see a present...even if you know it is for you...DO NOT OPEN IT UNLESS YOU ASK FIRST.

Lesson learned the hard way here. We'll just chalk it up as being my parenting failure #857196730295

At least he really likes the crane.


Anonymous said…
OMG you made the right choice. We had a similar experience a few years ago when we came down one Christmas morning and discovered our oldest had opened every one of his presents!! Without us!! He didn't want to wake Mommy and Daddy up. The look on my face was awful. I was crushed. Trust me you did the right thing.
Tendersoul said…

That'll teach ya! :)

Let him keep one, then wrap the other two again. Or, you can always go buy him a couple of little things like books or something that he can open and still get pics.

He knows a good distraction when he sees one, especially one that makes his mom smile. Enjoy that memory. :)
Jill said…
Hahaha!! Absolute gold:) I think TS is onto something with the re-wrap. But then I would have to say that as Satch got up at 5 yesterday to secretly unwrap the one present under the tree with her name on it. And it has been re-wrapped.

A story like that is as good as a drama free photo:)
Renae said…
Little opportunist! That's awesome!

And BRAVO for making the right choice! I was one of those kids who need(s)ed therapy. I always felt like I was a constant disappointment to my parents. Photos of opening presents are great to have, but a kid who feels loved, despite little mistakes, is so much more wonderful.

Merry Christmas
Anonymous said…
oh my. LOL. Cute, but arggh!
Anonymous said…
Oh that is so cute! It made me laugh! Yes, you did the right thing with that one -- sneaky boy!!
lauralu said…
sam effing rocks. you do, too. merry christmas.
Julie said…
aw man! Glad he likes his stuff, though! thanks for the laugh. ;D
Windfall Woman said…
You could reenact the "openings" and take pictures. I think it's precious. The crane sounds awesome.

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