Friday, March 31, 2006

I am gonna be one happy baseball fan.

Just a few hours ago I found out that I can see my home team play on their new network

and I got my birthday present early from my loving and beautiful wife. the MLB Extra Innings Package.

I hope the beast likes baseball :)

By the way, I am teaching my son to say boo Cubs, yeah Rockies. Just to irk my in-laws LOL


Runelady said...

You'll only irk one in-law, son-in-law of mine. I am a Dodger fan as well as an Indians fan.

Lorem ipsum said...

I like your thinking. Boo Cubs.

(You are one wicked mom!!!)

cat said...

Hurrah for the baseball season starting. Our little guy will probably come home in a yankees onesie if this momma has anything to say about it.

So psyched for Monday! :)