Monday, October 17, 2005

As Promised

Hello, as promised, I am returning to the world of blogging. I'm not used to writing about myself, so bear with me. Today I invited Sam's friend from daycare to come over for a playdate. I felt weird because this is a little girl; however, Sam really seems to enjoy playing with her, and She seems to enjoy playing with Sam. I'm told that they are inseparable at daycare. I guess that I felt weird because I am the only father that drops off and picks up their child, and I feel uncomfortable talking to the mothers of the other children, like I am some weirdo that doesn't belong there. I know that it is just in my head, but I can't help feel that way. Most of the other parents ignore me, I think it is becuase the teachers all talk to me when I arrive, and they ignore the other parents. Perhaps to overcompensate for the fact that I am the only father there. Fortunatly Sam's friend's mother is very friendly and has no problems talking to me.

This weekend we are going to Laura's birthday party. I am looking forward to this. Cathy and I haven't really been out with other adults, besides her parents, since before Alex died.


lauralu said...

stephen, i hope you like beer. justin made a lot of it.

Heather said...

Have a great time this weekend, the two of you deserve it!

Jill said...

You sure are brave doing the whole daycare/playdate thing! Well done:)

Have fun at the party!