Monday, June 20, 2005

More from Stephen

Well, it’s been almost a week since my last post. Since that time I have had some really good times (this past weekend that I got to spend almost entirely with Cathy and Sam), and some really aggravating times (irritating and insensitive management at work). I knew that father’s day was going to be a hard day, and I have to say that Cathy and Sam, and my in-laws too, did a pretty good job of getting me thru it. Sam decided to remind us that he is not a self-sufficient adult yet, and he does still need us to take care of him. What I mean by that is that he decided to break any record that he pervious had with diapers, and decided that in a two-hour period he would go thru about 5 pair of underwear. In many ways I am truly amazed at how far Sam has come, and how he compares to the other children his age. He talks like a 5 or 6 year old (and sometime like a truck driver), and can get his own food, turn on the TV and find what he likes, and even use the computer by himself (as long as it only involves using the mouse). I am also amazed at what Sam can remember and cling onto. Last week, Sam did not want us to go to work, because he thought that we were going to hospital again (See Cathy’s post about Damage Control). Cathy found out about a conference regarding stillborn babies that will take place this September in Washington D.C., we are considering attending this event, and I hope that it works out that we do, because I would like meet others who have gone thru this in person and share our experiences. I also look forward to learning what is being done for research to find out causes of stillborn death. Well, I have to go now and take a company mandated yearly on line ethics tests now. I will blog again later. Thanks for listening to me, and please excuse the terrible spelling and grammar that will be rampant on my post.


Julie said...

Stephen, i am glad to see you posting. I love to see this all from a man's point of view, since my own hubby was deployed when we were in the first 6 months of grief. I am glad you made it through Father's Day (not like any of us get a choice, we get through it because we have to sometimes. I hope you get to go to the conference in DC, we are going to try to go. Keep posting!

Julie said...

Hope I'm not being too forward, but the mention of this conference has my curiosity brimming. Can you give me some info? (even by email would be fine). I would be interested.
And Steve, I'm glad you post, too.